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Malcolm X Couldn"t Spell X Until He Met Elijah Muhammad

In the autobiography of Malcolm X, Alex Haley writes how the Nation of Islam used X as a symbol to verify the unknown as in algebra.
This unknown was used in reference to the fact that African Americans didn't know their real names and the names that were used were names form slave owners that once owned their families.
Thus Malcolm Little-became--Malcolm X.
Teaching who you were was a vital aspect of the Nation of Islam's self help program.
But "X "is just one of the many aspects of change that was occurring among men like Malcolm X all over the country.
Malcolm X once a hustler, thug and pimp also admits that his customary term for all females began with a "B" and ended with "Itch.
" But this also changed when he became a member of the Nation of Islam.
Under the Nation of Islam's strict guidelines of behavior, foul language or disrespect to anyone was totally forbidden.
This also included gambling, drugs, profanity, and smoking cigarettes.
Imagine watching men and women that once were cold blooded felons, pimps and prostitutes now politely referring to one another as brother and sisters as they sipped tea and coffee in Muslim restaurants.
The phenomenon of this program is that these men and women were not acting; they were really changed from inside out, all over the country.
This explains why the Nation of Islam leader Elijah Muhammad consented to the writing of the Autobiography of Malcolm X.
To show the world how his spiritual organization could take men and women from the bottom of our society and clean them up and make them respectful.
However, Malcolm X lost his way and in the process of writing a book designed to show the good the organization had done for him and others like him, the autobiography was transformed into a tell-all-book that denounced his leader the honorable Elijah Muhammad and tried to destroy the Nation of Islam, the same organization that personally rescued him.

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