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Date Night For Married Couples - 5 Ideas For a Great Date

Many couples schedule at least one night a week as date night. It's a great idea. It gets you out of the house and away from the kids. It gives you "alone time." But date night can get stale. Couples tend to do the same things over and over again involving the same friends over and over again. Adding a little novelty to a marriage keeps it fresh. Here are five ideas for a great date night:
  • Maybe you just want to try a new cuisine. After all, it's been a long week. You're both tired. So really try something new! Have you sat on cushions in a Moroccan restaurant and been served mint tea from a long spouted samovar while enjoying the belly dancers? Maybe it's something even simpler. Maybe neither one of you has ever had sushi, or one of you is just dying to introduce the other to its marvels. Feed your spouse with your chopsticks. Go ahead, he or she deserves it. As I said, it's been a long week.
  • Do you ski? No? Well, couples ski lessons are just the thing for an otherwise quiet winter afternoon! Hire a babysitter for one night and get yourselves to your nearest ski location (the one with the romantic lodge and the cozy nearby restaurant), rent your equipment and tease and laugh your way to some skiing skills. A fabulous dinner and a night at the chalet will be rewarding, too! No snow? Go surfing! No surf….you'll think of something.
  • Be romantic. Buy a little surprise for your spouse. Slip on your walking shoes and go for a walk around the neighborhood. Stop at your local café or bistro for an espresso, a microbrew or a pomegranate red glass of merlot. Give your spouse that little gift. The evening has only begun and you've had some time alone and it didn't cost much either.
  • Make a date with some new friends to try a new board game or to barbecue. Sometimes a night at another couples home, or hosting new friends in yours, stirs up some great conversation and plans for other nights out.
  • Do something totally unexpected. Do either of you know anything about art? A visit to a museum can be a lot of fun – especially if there's something fun nearby to do after the visit. Have you ever been to a hockey game or an auction? Just take a chance and do something new.

Marriage can get a little stale as time goes by but there's no reason for this to happen. Take the upper hand and plan a fun date night. It doesn't even have to be expensive. It just has to be fun!

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