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Why the Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather Jr Fight of the Year Was Called Off

If you have your popcorn, remote control, boxing shoes and gloves ready for the chartbuster boxing fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather on the 13th of May 2010, you may first of all halt everything for now since the fight has been called off.
Considering the kind of preparations that were put in place and the number of bets and prediction coupons that were bought purposely for the fight, it was deemed as the most exciting game ever to be broadcasted live from the prestigious Las Vegas hotel the MGM Grand.
But what's the main reason behind all this sudden drama? It all boils down to one thing, drug test procedures from the Nevada Athletic Commission! Floyd Mayweather has been arguing about the fact that Emmanuel has been using the restricted PED, Performance Enhancing Drugs, that have seen him win various past and present fights altogether with much ease.
It's because of these never ending false accusations that forced Manny Pacquiao to seek court intervention so as to press charges against Sinclair.
This has also led critics in a perplexing situations that leaves them wondering whether the organizers of the long-waited for fight just want to prove among the two who actually should be crowned pound for pound king and champion or are they simply out to simply make the fans feel excited over something that's never going to happen.
The petition filed by Emmanuel on Sinclair's bad publicity stunt just to prevent them both from fighting will be chaired in court by the retired judge Daniel Weinstein who has got everyone on the receiving end as to what kind of decision is going to be reached.
But the judge is much more than determined to see to it that all issues brought forward have been smoothened and the two camp sides burying the hatchet.
It's also rumoured that if an amicable solution is not reached at on time by the two sides, chances of Sinclair being replaced by Yuri Foreman are very high.
This was a directive from the Top Rank promoter of the fight, Bob Arum.
On the other hand, Emmanuel will be scheduled to face an all time favourite professional boxer Shane Moseley.
Though all these fights are worth looking out for, majority of the people were really anticipating for the American-Filipino fight to push on since it gets more and more exciting as the two fighters keep on fighting harsh cold wars.
Now, if Sinclair's comeback was aimed at silencing Emmanuel, then why is he taking too long to settle the small disputes that have risen between the two? So, can it be true that one amongst these fierce fighters is afraid of fouling up his entire record swinging strips or is someone just trying to prove a certain point to the rest of the world? What's your pick? But as long as the arguments keep ongoing, all major fans of both fighters just want to see a fair fight fought to end all ongoing speculations between the two professional boxers.

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