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How to Use Canon EOS 5D

    • 1). Attach an EF lens to the 5D by aligning the dot on the lens and the dot on the camera---12 o'clock position, inserting the lens and twisting it clockwise to lock it into place. Insert the memory card into the memory card slot on the right side of the camera.

    • 2). Press the Menu button and select quality from the menu. Rotate the Main Command Dial on the back of the camera to select L ---for high-quality JPEG or RAW---for RAW image data. RAW is uncompressed, and is what most professionals shoot, but it takes up twice the space on a memory card than a high-quality JPEG does.

    • 3). Rotate the Mode Dial on the left side of the top of the camera to either Auto---the green square--- or P---program. With a 5D, you will rarely want to shoot in Auto.

    • 4). Adjust the ISO, or sensitivity of the sensor to light, before shooting if in Program mode. Hold down the ISO button on the right side of the top of the camera and rotate the Command Dial to select your setting. Use low ISOs---100-200--- for outdoor, landscape, and wildlife photography. Use higher ISOs---800-1600---for indoor shooting, especially since there is no flash on the 5D.

    • 5). Point the camera at the subject you want to shoot and look through the viewfinder. Adjust the zoom on the lens by rotating the lens barrel counterclockwise to increase zoom or clockwise to decrease zoom.

    • 6). Depress the shutter button halfway to engage the autofocus. When you hear a beep, depress the shutter all the way to take the photo.

    • 7). View the image you shot by pressing the play button on the left side of the back of the camera.

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