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Cuckoo Clock - A Fascinating Time Piece

Cuckoo clocks are considered as one of the most fascinating types of time pieces in a long line of clock generations.
A typical cuckoo comes with a pendulum that uses relatively small pipes and bellows, which produces a cuckoo sound.
The distinguishing feature of a this clock is the miniature-sized chicken that comes out through a hole in the device every time it hits the hour mark.
Black Forest Germany is known to be the cuckooclock producer of the world.
Back in 1629 the making of these time pieces became very popular.
But because of the high cost of labor and the time it took to make each one, they were quite a bit more expensive compared to ordinary time pieces of the time.
Cuckoo clocks had once been thought to have originated in Switzerland.
This misconception is understandable since Switzerland was and is still very famous for making clocks and watches.
People would often associate clocks and watches with the Swiss people due to their monopoly of clock production.
Foreigners thought that because a lot of cuckoo clocks were found in Switzerland, they had to be manufactured there, but in reality they originated in Germany.
Today, small and large versions in varying designs and sizes are available while most are kept mainly as decorations for display inside houses.
They can also be found as collectors items in houses of rich businessmen.
This passion for collecting Antique cuckoo clocks is cherished as assets of a valuable fortune that can be passed down through the generations.

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