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Making Scrapbook Gifts For Mom - Three Gifts to Make Your Mother"s Day

Traditional gifts for Mothers Day center around chocolates, flowers and other pleasant but ephemeral items.
Why not be different and give your Mom something she can keep forever, something deeply personal and something which tells her you love her, all at the same time.
Scrapbooking is a wonderful hobby which can be used in many different ways to create gifts which will become genuine family treasures.
A star scrapbook - a small scrapbook designed in the shape of a star which can sit on a shelf as a lovely display, or pack neatly into a handbag, all tied with a ribbon, ready to be shown and admired by all.
This is a very personal gift and absolutely perfect for proud grandma's who will want to take the pictures of the new baby to be admired by all.
Star scrapbooks are relatively simple to make.
An alternative would be a full size scrapbook album devoted to you and your mother.
You can feature pictures of the two of you from the time of your birth right up to the present day.
Begin with the first picture you have of the two of you together; if you're lucky you'll have one taken just after you were born, then move through the album recording milestones.
There will usually be 9 double page spreads a title page and an end page, so plan each one before you start, then it's easier to get your scrapbooking supplies and embellishments for a project like this all at the same time.
Here are some suggestions for pages you could create:
  • I am born - a page about your birth, but this time focusing on mother, not baby.
  • your christening/naming ceremony - a page showing the family - add journaling to show who was there, when it was, again from your mothers point of view.
    Was she stressed out arranging it? See what you can find out without asking her so it's all a surprise.
  • Family Gatherings.
    Lots of families have times they get together, sometimes for big occasions, sometimes not.
    Whether it's Christmas, New Year or a golden or diamond wedding, be sure to add pictures and labels to show who was who, and write about your mothers role in the event, not yours.
  • Your parents significant anniversaries.
    Have you celebrated a silver, golden or diamond anniversary as a family? Has you Mom been married more than once? Use your judgment here and create an accurate history, but don't go out of your way to bring back unpleasant memories.
  • Your mothers significant birthdays.
    Did your Mom have a big party at 40, 50 or older? Is she regularly 21 again? Any birthday where you were together and have something to record is fair game.
    Don't forget this is a scrapbook not a photograph album.
    Add invitations, programs, tickets etc.
    as well as pictures.
  • Family holidays.
    Maybe the last holiday when you were all together before you or your siblings left home.
  • Your graduation.
    A school or university graduation is usually an occasion for pictures with parents.
    What was your Mother wearing, where did she get it?
  • A previous Mothers Day
  • A wedding - yours or maybe your mothers!
  • Your mothers first grandchild (if she has any)
The bond between Mother's and daughters is a very strong one, especially when the daughters become mother's themselves.
If you find it difficult to find words for the way you feel you can use rub one and stamped words to convey emotion.
Lovely as it is, a whole scrapbook can take time to make, if are just starting with your gift, maybe plan the full scrapbook for next year and do something a little different; a single scrapbook page, framed so it can be hung on the wall as an artwork.
Half way between a simple picture and a full album, these single pages can make wonderful keepsakes and give you the opportunity to take your creativity in a slightly different direction.
You can buy a shadow box frame easily from amazon and then, because this will be hung in a deep frame and not kept flat in a book, you can explore the world of three dimensional embellishments.
For inspiration look at some of K and Company's Grand Adhesion's.
These are relatively simply constructed using pads to raise some items of the page.
Butterflies are easy to make 3D, one flat one duplicated cut out and added with just a dot of silicone and gently teased into shape.
The same thing can be done with flowers, using something like the petal packs from Petaloo or, for a different approach the 20 blossom template from Hot Off The Press.
Trace the flowers through the template onto paper, cut them out and assemble them.
Curl the petals for the 3D effect and add a little glitter, or even a gem or brad at the flower's center.
It's all down to the paper you use, experiment with plain paper, patterns and of course vellum which gives a lovely delicate effect.
Shadow boxes are great fun, don't take too long to do and its always nice to see your work displayed, rather than shut away in an album.
Once you've completed your gift, don't spoil the effect by forgetting to wrap it and if you really don't have time for any of this, visit your Mom.
She'd rather see you than a whole house full of scrapbooks.

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