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How To Use Termite Bait Stations To Keep The Wood In Your Home Safe

Termites are the last thing any homeowners want to see around their home. Causing up to two billion dollars in damage a year, termites are truly one of the worst pests to have.  These wood fanatic creatures can eat up to twenty-four hours a day seven days a week. This means that once you find an infestation in your home they are constantly knawing away at your home's structure until you put a stop to it. Now there are several different techniques out there to exterminate your termite problem however only one can effectively kill a whole colony starting from just one treatment. This technique is known as Termite Bait Stations.

Termite Bait Stations

Termite Bait Stations are one of the best ways to kill termites because they use a special elimination chemical that not only kills the termite that has consumed it but also has the ability to take out a colony. Bait stations are typically plastic shallow containers that you place in the ground. It has two slits on the sides to allow termites to enter and has a lid so that once you have placed your bait you can seal it. By sealing the station you are not only protecting the bait from anyone who was not a target as well as creating an ideal living area for foraging termites.

How Does it Work

The idea behind termite bait stations is simple, termites eat bait they become "infected" and spread it out to their entire colony. Bait Stations have to be set up in two phases. The first phase is to drop the stations off near different wood structures near your home. It is important to gauge the size of the building before buying stations because depending on the size determines how many stations you may need.

Next, you must place a piece of wood in the station and wait. It is best not to check often because you may scare the little critters away. It is however, ok to take a quick peek periodically, if you notice a huge infestation in one bait station that may be your best spot. Take the piece of wood that was once in the original trap and replace it with a piece that has been infected with a slow acting chemical agent. This poison works slowly allowing the termite time to make it back to camp before passing it to its fellow nest mates via mouth-mouth transfer.

Once you feel the termite colony has been wiped out you do not have to get rid of your termite bait station. If anything you should keep the station up and running and check it periodically. Its best to catch termite infestations early on and bait stations have proven to be not only a good elimination tactic but a great prevention method as well.

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