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Annual Salaries for a Career in Auditing

    National Average

    • Auditors across the nation earn an average hourly wage of $32.42. This adds up to an annual salary of $67,430. The more training and experience you collect throughout your auditing career, the greater your potential to earn more. While those in the bottom 10th percentile make just $37,690, auditors in the top 90th percentile rake in an average hourly rate of $50.22, or $104,450 every year.

    Industries by Employment

    • The top five employers of auditors are tax preparation, accounting, payroll or bookkeeping services; enterprise management companies; local government; state government; and insurance carriers. Those in the first category earn an average annual salary of $73,920, by far the best among the top five employers. This drops to $66,330 for those in company or enterprise management jobs; $57,040 for auditors in the local government; $54,040 for state government auditors; and $65,520 for insurance auditors.

    Industries by Salary

    • The top five highest-paying industries that employ auditors are the federal government; tobacco manufacturing companies; securities and commodities corporations; dry cleaning and laundry companies; and the U.S. postal service. Federal auditors can net an average salary of $88,190 a year. Meanwhile, tobacco auditors typically earn $81,560; securities and commodity auditors bring in around $80,780; auditors of laundry companies nab $80,620; and postal service auditors collect $79,600.


    • New York employs more auditors than any other state or district in the United States--an estimated 8 percent of all auditors in the country. There, they earn an average of $84,280, which also makes New York the top paying district or state in America. The next four states that employ the most auditors are Massachusetts, Colorado, the District of Columbia and Delaware. Massachusetts auditors earn an average of $73,290; Colorado rings in at $68,910; the District of Columbia pays averages of $79,990; and Delaware dolls out $68,950.

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