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How to Use the Ab Lounge Correctly

    • 1). Warm up your body by doing five to ten minutes of light aerobic exercise that increases your heart rate. Stretch your arms, calves, quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes and thighs for another five to ten minutes.

    • 2). Set up the Ab Lounge in an open area that provides at least 3 feet of extra space behind and in front of the machine. Lie in the Ab Lounge with your feet on the footrests. Lean all the way back in the chair with your hands on the the bar above your head.

    • 3). Begin with the basic jackknife exercise. Inhale and remain relaxed as you stretch the machine all the way back. Exhale, round your back and curl your torso to your knees. Hold the curled position for two seconds before stretching out to repeat the exercise. Do this exercise 15 times.

    • 4). Move to the oblique jackknife exercise by rotating your hips, legs and feet to the right and then repeating the basic jackknife movements. This will help work the left side of your torso. Do this exercise 15 times before turning your hips, legs and feet to the left and repeating. Do not over-twist your lower body; you should never feel physically strained in this position.

    • 5). Perform the jackknife with leg lift. Start the motion of the basic jackknife exercise. Lift up one leg to meet your body as you curl toward your knees. Bend your knees throughout the exercise. Repeat with the other leg. Do this exercise 30 times, alternating legs each time.

    • 6). Cool down your body with light exercise and stretching for five minutes.

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