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Green Cleaning Products - Chemicals to Get Away From

Why are green cleaning products so important? Many people are starting to rethink their position on the environment these days, but what if you aren't very motivated to change your cleaning supplies just because of the environment? When we set the impact of using non-sustainable ingredients out of the question, is there any good reason to use cleaning products that are green? Yes, there actually is! You are doing yourself and your entire family harm by exposing your home to the chemicals that are included in most cleaning products on the market today.
Let's take a look at a couple types of cleaning supplies just to get an idea of a small selection of chemicals that are now being used.
Bathroom Cleaning Products Many cleaners designed to clean the toilet and bathtub now contain powerful corrosive chemicals which can seriously irritate the skin, or even eat the skin away if it is exposed in high concentrations.
If you are going to switch to any green cleaning products, getting rid of the harsh bathroom cleaners is definitely a good move to make right away.
Some of the actual corrosive ingredients that you may see on labels include: * Sulfuric Acid * Hydrochloric Acid * Oxalic Acid * Sodium Bisulfate Drain cleaners can also contain sodium hydroxide which can be extremely dangerous to the skin when in higher concentrations.
It damages the skin but goes much deeper than the above listed ingredients found in toilet cleaners.
There is no reason to expose yourself to chemicals such as these when the cost could be the health of your skin.
You can mix a simple solution of white vinegar and water and get rid of all bacteria and germs in the bathroom.
Ingredients in Furniture Cleaners Many people are deceived by the limited information regarding ingredients that can be found on bottles for furniture cleaners.
For instance, Pledge doesn't include any ingredients on the can at all.
Many people will shrug that off and think it's safe because it's one of the long standing brand names that we are used to using.
Unfortunately, what was used to clean homes in generations past was far from green.
The concept of green did not even exist back then, but today most people will catch on that the lack of an ingredient list doesn't mean it has no ingredients or that it is completely safe.
When it comes to Pledge, an industry professional on health-report.
uk reports that it contains three ingredients that should be avoided: silicones, butane gas, and propane.
The Real Danger That is just a small selection of the chemicals that are now being included in cleaning products.
There are tons of chemicals that can do various types of damage to your body and especially that of animals and smaller children in your home.
Even if you don't care a bit about the environment, you should switch to green cleaning products just to eliminate the dangers of harming yourself and those you love.
There is a general rule about prepackaged, processed foods that says you should always read the ingredients labels and never eat anything that you can't pronounce.
That is because our foods are pumped full of chemical ingredients that our bodies aren't designed to handle, and it is the same thing with your cleaning supplies.
If you see long words that you can't pronounce, look for green alternatives.

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