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Important Checklists Before Purchasing Shaggy Rugs

Shaggy rugs are fibers of long piles, used to decorate the house. When it is placed, in correct sense, it will give the area an exciting look and comfortable feeling. Unique stylish one will add a crown to your contemporary ideas of interior designing. These items come in many vibrant colors. It is be made of various materials like nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, wool and cotton. Appearance, texture of fibers will be more stylish, denser, different shapes and sizes. The fiber strings used are either short or long or both. Shaggy rugs made of acrylic are cheapest one among other materials.

These shaggy rugs decorate and enhance the beauty of your living room, bedroom, bathroom depending on individual style, taste, comfort, personal needs. Before going in for purchase this item for your house, try to collect following details:

  • Decide on the size required to furnish your home based on the place you want to cover. Size will differ accordingly, if it is for bedroom or living room or near entrance whether you require large, small, or medium-sized.

  • Colors and designs are also to be considered depending on interior design, wall color paintings, furniture colors, floor tiles and even the small items in the house.

  • Likewise, colors, shapes need to be decided, keeping in mind the dimension of area, where it is to be placed. Wide ranges are available in the market in different shapes and patterns.

  • Selection of shaggy rugs should satisfy the need, taste, comfort of an individual.

Apart from the idea of decorating your home with trendy contemporary one, there are some drawbacks in using shaggy rugs, as it is very difficult to clean. Some types of carpets are more expensive. Material used in this kind is of high quality and requires more material to manufacture and hence it is very costly. Dust particles will be attracted easily by the fiber and will go deep into piles. Vacuuming will not be able to clean dirt from the depth of piles. Periodical maintenance, thorough cleaning is an effective way to keep it in good condition.

Asia and Europe are the two major countries, famous for manufacturing of traditional rugs more than a decade. Each origin has its own style of creating designs, patterns and process of weaving, which is unique. Mostly Spain and Turkey are the major countries producing European style carpets whereas China, India and Persia contribute towards Asian style carpets.

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