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What Kind of Black Paint Should You Use to Paint an Existing Island in a Kitchen?


    • Black is a neutral color ideal for use as an island color. It is no more difficult than other colors to paint, but requires a bit of extra preparation to prevent streaks from showing through. Priming is key to producing the desired look with black, and a thorough coat of primer will also hide minor surface scratches and dings. This coat will also make paint roll on more smoothly and prolong the life of the top coat. Most islands will require two coats of primer applied with a brush or roller and at least 24 hours to dry before paint is applied.

    Latex Paint

    • Latex paints are the best choice for use in the kitchen. They are the most durable paint product on the market, and will withstand scratching and staining when used on an island. These products won’t yellow with age, glide on smoothly when applied and are easy to clean. Additionally, latex paints won’t peel or crack when exposed to water or humidity, both common conditions in the kitchen. When painting the island black a minimum of two coats is required and applying with a roller is preferable for a clean, streak-free finish. Complete the process with two coats of polyurethane for added scratch and stain resistance.

    Spray Paint

    • Though spray paints have been available for decades, their durability has not always been ideal for use in the kitchen. Several manufacturers have developed more modern formulas with increased durability, scratch resistance and a longer life span. These products are easy to apply, and will go on smooth with little or no streaking, dripping or other problems. Unlike latex or oil-based products, spray paints don’t usually require more than one coat, even with something as dark as black. The major downside of spray paint is that anything not intended for paint must be covered completely before beginning the process. Once dried, one or two coats of polyurethane will keep the paint scratch and stain free.

    Oil-based Paint

    • Oil based paints are primarily used for outdoor projects, but are ideal for cabinets made from metal or steel. This material is essential for covering old layers of oil-based paint, will resist grease and scratches and is noted for its durability in high use situations. These products are not the best option for use in the kitchen because they are more flammable than latex and more difficult to clean. Additionally, they are much slower drying and much more difficult to clean if spills occur. A new paintbrush, preferably a nylon-polyester blend, is required for each coat and application must be done in a well-ventilated area.

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