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The Origins of the Bean Bag Toss

Many people, especially in the northern part of the country and out west, know about the bean bag toss. They played it in elementary school physical education classes, but they also played it just for fun - and a lot of them still do. What they often don't know, however, is where it came from. This makes sense, because there are differing views and opinions. There are some who say it was started in Chicago, Illinois. There were others who say it was started in Cleveland, Ohio. These are the most common assumptions. In addition to those, there were also some other options for where people say the bean bag game started. One of these is Europe, with the most popular country of origin being Germany. However, this is not something that's seen to be very likely. Most serious bean bag game enthusiasts discount these rumors and focus on either Ohio or Illinois. Then they argue about the name. The bean bag toss or the bean bag game is one of the most widely accepted names. Another often-used name is the Cornhole game.

The name is something that people argue about, and so is whether the game is the same no matter what it's called. Technically, say some people, the bean bag game board is two feet by four feet and the Cornhole game board is three feet by four feet. The rules are also said to be modified just slightly. Not everyone agrees with that assumption, either. There are a lot of people who say that the Cornhole game and the bean bag game are the same thing. People who play the Cornhole game often use the smaller board so that they can transport it more easily. It will fit in the back of a pickup truck, but it will also fit in the trunk of a larger car. The bigger board usually won't go into a car trunk. However, some people are die-hard fans of the game by one name or the other, and they won't play with the board that they don't feel is the 'right' one for their game. Of course they are entitled to their opinion of the proper board and the proper name for what they choose to play and enjoy. Others who have differing opinions are also entitled to them, and most of the arguments over the issue are friendly ones.

The different names likely come from the idea that there were different fillings for the bags. Whether they were filled with dried corn or dried beans makes a difference. Now, however, most of the bags that are purchased for either game are filled with plastic pellets. This helps to keep the bags from being ruined because of problems like moisture, so they last longer. That's a great idea that makes the game a lot more enjoyable for a longer period of time. It also gives the game a better value for the money. For people who like to play the game most of the name and board size and bag filling issues aren't that relevant. No matter what it's called or how big the board is, it's fun for their friends and families.

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