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Tow a Camper on a Budget

Lightweight travel trailers can be towed by sports utility vehicles, light weight pickups or vans and smaller vehicles and will save their owners money on fuel costs. As long as the vehicle has a towing capacity rated for the camper it intends to haul, then carrying it is fine. The hitch should meet all the requirements for the trailer including the tongue weight rating. If these ratings are met then there is not problem using a smaller vehicle than the traditional large heavy duty pickup or massive diesel truck to tow a trailer down the road.

Remember the times when the vehicle had to breath black exhaust and guzzle gallon after gallon of leaded gasoline in order to get a trailer for camping to the campsite? Those were the old days. This isn't the situation any more. It's no longer necessary to pull out the double tire rear axel truck to get the family to the campground. Today there are several manufacturers that make roomy and spacious trailers that are light and efficient.

These camper makers are serious about their designs and are dedicated to making travel trailers that are easy enough for the weekender to load up and hitch up and make it to the campsite with their everyday vehicle at the helm. Why buy a trailer that only requires that you buy another vehicle just to tow it? It's much easier to buy ultra lite travel trailers or sufficiently light travel trailers to make the few weekends that most people camp throughout the summer an enjoyable and convenient experience.

What is one of the biggest impediments to buying a travel trailer for most people? One of the answers must be the many accessories that come along with buying a camper. The biggest accessory of all for a heavy trailer would have to be a heavy duty truck. While some can afford to store a large hemi truck or V8 pick up and only bring it out when they go camping, most people that want to enjoy the outdoors simply don't have the extra money or extra space. The trailer itself will take up a lot of room. There are some that even have to store their towing vehicle or camper in another location besides their home in order to have them at the ready. This is nothing new but it also costs money unless there is a relative with a lot of extra space who doesn't mind it.

The best answer today is to find a light weight travel trailer because they're well-built and easy to use especially when it comes to towing with a reasonable every day vehicle that won't break the budget.

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