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On Your Way to the Airport For the Holidays and Forgot to Buy Travel Insurance? No Worries!

It's the holiday season and that means fun.
OK, the airport lines may be long, the planes over-booked, and the weather nasty, but you can still enjoy peace of mind knowing you have travel insurance for lost luggage, trip cancellation or trip interruption.
And the airline just announced that due to mechanical problems it is delaying your flight for "30 minutes.
" Well, you know from experience that those 30 minutes can be repeated indefinitely.
You might have to check into a hotel until the flight is re-scheduled, and you want your bill reimbursed through your travel insurance.
But wait! You didn't get travel insurance.
Don't let that fact spoil your festive mood.
Here are several things you can do to make your holiday travel insurance purchase easier: Get on the internet.
How can you get on the internet if you are at the airport? Several ways: You can use your phone that has internet service.
You can use your computer and either purchase wireless internet use or use free wireless that some airports provide.
You can find computers in the terminals that are free to use - usually these are only in international departure lounges.
Go to the Information Booth at the airport, explain your problem and ask for their help.
Now find a travel insurance broker and give them a call.
It's best to find a broker rather than the company that sells the insurance.
A good broker will help you select the right plan for you because they work with multiple companies that sell different products, guaranteeing that they will help select a plan that suits you.
Besides, there is no extra charge to use a broker.
Your insurance will start as soon as you get off the phone.
It's that simple.
But what if offices are closed because it is the holiday? Again, relax.
You can go to the broker's website and fill in an online application.
When you do, you will receive instant confirmation of purchase.
Holiday travel means more people traveling, snow threats in the winter and storm threats in the summer, and baggage handlers and ticketing agents who are trying to stay calm.
More things can go wrong during holiday travel, but the right travel insurance can help things get better.
Here are a few things your purchase gives you: Trip cancellation and trip interruption.
This really is worth the inexpensive travel insurance purchase.
If you have to cancel or delay your trip for one or multiple reasons, you will be covered.
Sickness, adverse weather conditions, labor strikes, if you have to serve on jury, you lost your job, you were called up for military duty, you are suddenly called back to work are all valid reasons for insurance coverage.
Baggage Loss, Damage or Delay.
Reimburses you if your baggage is lost, stolen or damaged as well as reimbursing you for the purchase of essential items if your bag is delayed more than 24 hours Travel delay.
This pays for certain extra transportation and accommodation expenses if your trip is delayed for 6 or more hours.
24 hour emergency hotline services.
Great for lost ticket and passport assistance.
Plan ahead and purchase travel insurance, but if you don't (because you love the adrenalin rush of pushing things to the last minute or because you just forgot), don't worry.
Be holiday-happy.

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