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Stealth Keylogger

For those that have to share a computer with others, or have the job of monitoring employees, children, students, or any other group of Internet users, it's important to know what's going on, just in case trouble brews. The online world can be quite scary, and with so much buzzing on the web, computer systems can be crippled by a variety of different viruses, and other issues found on even the most innocent looking websites. In order to keep tabs on everything that is going on, it's important to look into a good keystroke logger. One of the best, if not the best, options to consider is Stealth Keylogger. This amazing piece of software not only makes sure that everything is monitored, but it does so with invisibility that is bar none some of the best in the industry. Consider some of the other technical specifications found on this amazing program:

* Ease of Use – For those that may not be computer savvy, yet still want to monitor the happenings along a network; Stealthy Keylogger is incredibly simple and easy to use. Anyone can install the program and start monitoring and logging in no time.

* Salvation of Documents – Here's something that most people miss out on when considering a good logger, and that's saving documents. Let's say you're typing the essay of your life, or the most important document ever, and the power goes out, your work unsaved. You can rescue your work by simply going into the logger and copying the data. Never fear loss, because you'll always have a duplicate.

* Computer Activities – Chat rooms, java applets, games, websites, and more are monitored with clever precision. Time stamps, urls, and any other information relevant to the web surfer monitored will show up in detailed fashion.

* Emails – You can receive emails, html logs, and so much more to get proof that something is going awry. Just in case anyone denies wrongdoing, you can have full proof that something is going awry.

The aforementioned are just a sampling of the highlights from this incredible piece of software. Anyone can get Stealth Keylogger and move forward with relative ease. No other program seems to match the main features, ease of use, and compatibility with web infrastructure quite like this software. This keystroke logger is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows even down to Windows 2000, ME and 98! You'll be hard pressed to find a computer that is running Microsoft's software that is not compatible.

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