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Jane Club in Paris (formerly WAGG)

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The Music


Things start to liven up from 12:30 onward, when the crowds trickle in and the promised sounds take off. The English-speaking DJs, with their predictably manufactured names (DJ Bronco, Freddy Jay, Jérôme KO, Master H ) mix disco and funk classics (Jackson 5, James Brown, Supremes) and more recent favorites (Prince, Cyndi Lauper, Madonna).

The dance floor reaches capacity around 3 a.m., and this is where your reserved table will come in.

We sit out the next hour or so, mingling with some of the regulars, and discover that this is also a favorite for office parties. Young web designers and advertising executives reserve tables to celebrate new contracts.

The crowd starts to thin out around 4:30, and if you haven't expended all your energy by then, it’s worth going the distance. Not only is the joint less crowded, but the DJ throws in a few welcome surprises for those with a weakness for Brit Pop: think The Cure, Blur, or Pulp.

We finally head out at 5:30, nursing hot chocolates in nearby Odéon to kill time before taking the first metro home.

The Bottom Line


WAGG frequenters are serious about their dancing, and women in particular will appreciate the refreshing, hassle-free atmosphere the club offers. The crowd is friendly, the staff pleasant, and the music, for its genre, second-to-none. Those looking for an edgier, underground club experience will be disappointed, but for a dance-filled, cheerful night out, Carwash at the WAGG is where it's at.

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