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Invigorate Your Face - Erase Your Pimples!

Acne, it's a problem that destroys many lives and most of the time the victims don't have a choice or a solution, a situation that can't be helped.
Usually people just accept the acne because they don't want to stress over it, they'd rather not bother with it and it will go away "eventually.
"This usually isn't the case.
Acne doesn't go away without any treatment.
It's a fact.
There are routines that can be done to completely eliminate acne pimples from ever reaching the surface of your face.
This is what I do: Early Morning: Get up at around 6am and wash my face with Nivea Face Scrub (for men, invigorating).
The next thing I do is let my face dry then instead of just straight up adding the benzoyl peroxide solution there's something different that can be done, and, in my humble opinion, it's the better decision to make at this point.
It's called "facial mask.
"This looks sort of like toothpaste and smells like it too!Anyway, There's a product called "Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask"This mask isn't just for women but for both genders.
It's hinted with a minty fragrance though it's rather lite.
What I do is add the product all over my face and let it dry.
Keep on for about 30 minutes, it says 15 minutes but 30 minutes will drain up all the oil in your face for a good 3 days.
Then rinse off with cold water.
Most people use warm water to penetrate the pores but this hurts the skin tone.
Cold water lightens up your facial expression and gives you a healthy glow.
Plus cold water helps with dark circles around the eyes.
After your face is dry use a round cotton pad and wipe away any extra mask still on your face.
This completely cleans up your face, your pores will be dramatically shrunk.
Then you can either add a daily moisturizer or another product to help smooth out your face.
What I would suggest is a product with hydroquinone, it reduces scar visibility and dark circles and lightens the skin.
A good one is made by University Medical called "Scar Eraser.
"It comes with the hydroquinone product, which is applied first, and a good moisturizer with spf 15, which is used last.
This routine will give your face that fresh look, I'd also recommend using about a teaspoon of cucumber juice on your eye area for 15 minutes after the mask and before the University Medical Products to reduce dark circles and rest your eyes.
In The Evening: Before going to bed you have to do the routine again, only slightly different this time.
First take a shower.
Scrub your face with a face scrub, I recommended one above.
Let your face dry.
Since the "mask" can be a bit drying to some skin types you are limited to one use per day so now what you would do is apply Vitamin E to your entire face.
But before you do that I strongly recommend placing two chilled cucumber slices on your eyes for 10-15 minutes and then crushing those slices and applying that juice on your eye area for another 10 minutes.
Once done rinse your eyes with cold water.
Dry your face.
Then apply Vitamin E Liquid on your whole face.
The liquid looks oily, as if it will cause a massive breakout, I assure you this is not the case.
Vitamin E nourishes the skin, basically it's like adding water to the human body.
Vitamin E is THE vitamin for Skin! Buy one of those containers of like 300-500 vitamin capsules.
These are intended to be ingested through the mouth but you can pinch it and the liquid will come out.
Apply this first to your eye area very gently, Vitamin E reduces puffiness and dark circles, trust me!Then apply it all over your face.
Keep in mind that you can't add anything on your face after this part because your skin is in "Repair" mode once you applied the Vitamin E!It's best to not go outside after it's applied.
Go read a book, watch TV, or go to sleep!Try not to rollover on your face while asleep because your face will get sticky on you sheets! (I know, it's hard to prevent that but just keep it in mind).
The next morning your face should be dramatically cleaner-looking and some pimples should be vanishing! That's right! Vanishing! After just one day of application!The good news is that all these products are somewhat very affordable by the common person about $25 for all the products and believe they are worth much more! After about 2 weeks doing this routine your facial appearance should be vastly improved provided that you get enough sleep,the more you sleep the more of a chance of erasing pimples and dark circles.
Good Luck!Best Wishes!I Know This Will Work For You!

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