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How to Install Guitar Strap End Pins

    Installing a Strap Button End Pin

    • 1). Find the center point of the back side of the guitar by measuring with a ruler, and mark the spot by making a small hole with an awl.

    • 2). Compare the strap button screw with various drill bits until you find a bit that has a diameter slightly smaller than that of the screw.

    • 3). Insert the screw into the strap button fully, and place the drill bit (pointed side toward the button lip) parallel with the pointed side of the screw, until the bit contacts the bottom lip of the strap button. Wrap a small piece of masking tape around the drill bit where the pointed screw ends. This serves as a depth guide for the bit when drilling.

    • 4). Insert the bit into the electric drill and tighten it securely with the drill chuck.

    • 5). Place the drill bit against the awl mark and drill slowly until the bit is inserted into the wood to the depth of the masking tape mark.

    • 6). Choose the next largest drill bit and drill a very shallow countersink hole over the original hole. Only drill the countersink hole until the surface of the original hole begins to visibly widen. This step is optional, but may help prevent the finish around the hole from cracking as the screw is inserted.

    • 7). Insert the screw into the end pin and rub a small amount of candle wax or soap on the screw threads for lubrication.

    • 8). Insert the screw in the hole and tighten it with a screwdriver until the strap button contacts the guitar. Tighten only enough so the strap button cannot be turned on the screw, as over-tightening may strip the screw hole.

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