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3 Very Romantic Places to Stay in Your Southern California Vacation

Some travelers to California are looking for family vacations; some look for cheap vacations.
And some look for a romantic vacation in California.
The latter are very special people.
They are seeking a place that will create a romantic atmosphere, whether for the beginnings of a romance or later on.
And California is perfect for just that kind of vacation.
Finding a romantic place to stay is the first decision.
In Southern California, there are three very romantic inns that we recommend without hesitation.
STRAWBERRY CREEK INN is an absolutely charming bed and breakfast inn in Idyllwild, California, a beautiful woodsy area.
Each room is designed uniquely, many with fireplaces.
Since it gets chilly at night, the fireplaces are really an added bonus.
The care that has gone into the design of Strawberry Creek Inn is reflected in its breakfasts as well.
Everything is organically grown, and prepared by a true chef.
The delectable treats veritably scamper around your mouth.
For those who prefer a bit more privacy, Strawberry Creek Inn has a lovely detached cottage with its own kitchen.
Guests are welcome to bring their own groceries, or the Inn will supply them.
SIMPSON HOUSE in Santa Barbara, California, is another excellent choice.
Every detail at the Simpson House whispers of romance.
From the exquisite linens to sumptuous teas and twilight wine time munchies, from the arbors in the garden to the flowers in your room, everything whispers Yes.
The Plumstead Cottage is perfect for honeymoons and romantic weekends.
With its cozy fireplace, it is truly snuggle perfect.
SAN YSIDRO RANCH in Montecito, California, has a long history of bringing romance to its guests.
This is where the then Senator John F.
Kennedy brought his lovely bride, Jacqueline, for their honeymoon.
Each cottage at San Ysidro Ranch has its own name, and it own personality.
And each is totally private.
There are only 41 cottages, and acres and acres of flowers and natural trees and paths to wander, so it is never crowded.
The renown Stonehouse Restaurant, and two other restaurants on the property, provide lots of options for exceptional, romantic meals.
The nearby vineyards and beaches add another dimension to your romantic getaway vacation.
Is this the time to rekindle your romance? California travel options are absolutely...
well, romantic.

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