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What Is a Mattress Warranty?

    Time Frame

    • Most quality mattresses should last around seven to 10 years before needing to be replaced. A standard mattress warranty will be for between 10 and 20 years, with some companies offering longer or shorter warranties.


    • Most standard mattress warranties will cover defects, broken springs or coils, open seams or mattress deformities due to manufacturer error when making the mattress.

      Premium mattress warranties go beyond a standard warranty and can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer. Common things covered in a premium warranty include additional parts of the mattress, stain and tear repair, cleaning of the mattress, and replacing parts or the whole mattress.


    • According to Best Bed Guide's official website, around 1 percent of mattresses are returned or exchanged due to a manufacturer defect. Therefore, a basic warranty can be offered on most mattresses with only a small potential for the company needing to replace the mattress itself.

      Peace of mind is another function of some warranties. Premium warranties may come with an additional charge but offer protection against damage done to the mattress by the consumer. If a mattress is designed to last seven to 10 years, a premium warranty can help ensure the mattress stays in good shape for its life span.


    • Depending on how much money is spent on a mattress, you may want to think about an extended or premium mattress warranty. One consideration is that some mattress sellers require the purchase of a mattress pad or casing to protect the mattress from stains and cuts. In return for purchasing the pad from the seller, the seller or manufacturer agrees to clean or repair the mattress as long as the pad was in place at the time of damage.

      Some warranties may even cover a one-time replacement of an irreparable or severely stained mattress or mattress pad. An example of this kind of warranty is one offered by Raymour and Flanigan, a furniture store that sells mattresses. With the purchase of a mattress pad, a premium warranty goes into effect and offers repairs and cleaning from consumer-caused damages.


    • It is extremely important to read the warranty details carefully. Removal of certain tags, altering the mattress design or even failing to use a mattress pad or different frame may alter or void the warranty. At the same time, be careful when purchasing an extended or premium mattress warranty as the requirements and details of those warranties may differ from basic warranties.

      Also be sure to keep all original documentation of the mattress purchase and mattress warranty. Some stores or manufacturers may not honor a warranty if proof of purchase is not provided or if original documentation of ownership is not included with a repair or replacement request.

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