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Use Canadian Immigration Approved Consultants For Federal Skilled Worker Application 2013

To make sure that fraudulent activities do not continue to persist and carry forward to the new incorporation of Canada's brand new skills migration program which is slotted to be implemented in May 2013 government of Canada has been advising aspiring applicants to Use Canadian Immigration Approved Consultants For Federal Skilled Worker Application 2013. Regular updates and advisories are being flashed on the concerned websites of the Canada immigration and citizenship department - CIC to warn people of possible frauds. They are also realizing consistent advisories to guide and help people in verifying authenticity of people canvassing as migration specialists.

The situation also calls for such initiatives as many emigration enthusiasts have been cheated and made to shell out money on some fall pretext and grounds. The people posing as migration advisers often advertise using various online and printed media to spread a word around. The campaigns of these people are always given a cosmetic upgrade so that the content and their claims look genuine and authentic. The unsuspecting migration aspirants always end up being cheated of valuable money and time.

Rounding up these people is near impossible and you cannot actually get them to law as people are often made to sign an agreement (that is one sided), even before a consultation session can reveal anything tangible benefits and positive aspects for you in the Canada's or any other destination's migration possibilities context. This makes the scenario quite grim and shaky. In previous years there have been several cases that have been bought to fore by many people who have been cheated on basis of wrong guidance and promises.

This gave authorities of Canada to make provisions for creation of statutes that would mandate Use of Canadian Immigration Approved Consultants Only for FSW Applications and other schemes.

Under the prevalent ruling via Bill C-35 which was enforced in June 2011 makes it necessary for you to rope in an authorized migration (from an authorized agency of government) to represent you in the proceedings concerning presentation and follow-up of your migration request before the Citizenship And Immigration department - CIC. This statute also makes it necessary for a representing third party to either register itself or refer the file to an organization that is authorized vide rule C-35.

You must also be aware of these conditions and for your convenience authorities of Canada have initiated a service through which you can get information on status of migrant adviser you are intending to use as your representative in case of Canadian Federal Skilled Worker Application 2013 after May 04, 2013.

This also gives us an opportunity to make you aware of the changes that are being suggested in the new FSW program. It is always better to take a realistic view of any new migration program and not fall prey to false promises and projections of people propagating themselves as agents specializing in Canada. The recommendations are expected to have a wide spread impact on the migration itenary of Federal Skilled Workers scheme and only things that may remain similar to the erstwhile system will be the name of the scheme and off-course the profile analysis. The situation is quite fluid as far as the exact forecast of the new program is concerned.

It is also being suggested that a new NOC may not be launched at all. So it is advisable that you must only contact Canadian Immigration Approved Consultants for Federal Skilled Worker Application 2013 for assistance and guidance.

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