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How to Make a Cage For Two Parakeets

    • 1). Obtain a metal stand alone shelf that measures about the length of four parakeet wingspans, is about two wingspans deep, and about three wingspans tall. IKEA is a perfect place for such shelving but you might already have something else in mind. The trick to choosing the right kind of shelf is to find one that is basically open on four sides.

    • 2). Measure the sides of the shelf and write down the height and width. These measurements will vary, depending on the kind of shelf you are using. Subtract 1/10th of an inch from each side but not the tops and bottoms.

    • 3). Visit your local hardware store and ask to have four sheets of Plexiglas precut to your measurements and the edges smoothed. For a small fee, the odds are good that a customer service professional will be glad to do this. While you are there, buy a tube of clear Liquid Nails for small projects.

    • 4). Glue the Plexiglas to the exterior of sides, front, and back of the shelf with the Liquid Nails. Measure carefully and ensure that the sheets are centered on the shelf, thereby leaving a 2/10th of an inch gap at each corner. This provides some much needed ventilation from all sides.

    • 5). Purchase a screen cover with hinged door—such as they are commonly used for reptile cages—from your local pet shop or online. Be sure to measure the top of your shelf first so that you are certain you get the right size. This will be the top of your cage for the two parakeets. Secure the top with the clips provided or buy them separately if the cover does not already include them. If you cannot find the right size, make up the difference between the biggest top and the cage with stainless steel mesh.

    • 6). Buy a flexible screen cover. This will be the bottom of your cage. Since you are working with a shelf, the flexible screen will sit on top of the shelving and provide the foundation for the cage liner you might use to catch bird droppings. Since it is made of mesh, it allows for sufficient airflow to discourage the growth of mold. Secure it tightly so the parakeets will not get their little feet caught.

    • 7). Install the water by hanging it over the side of the cage as you would in a terrarium. This is the advantage of using a small animal water bottle. Place the cage liner on the bottom of the cage and place the tip proof food dish filled with parakeet feed on the bottom. Place the bird perches into the cage by either securing them in the corner gaps of the cage or by using a coil that hangs from the top.

    • 8). Position the cage in a draft free area that is not subject to direct sunlight. Ideally this should be a room where there is a lot of foot traffic and social interaction since parakeets are notorious for their social nature.

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