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Halloween Craft Projects Using Styrofoam

    Simple Ghost

    • Get kids into the holiday spirit with a simple Styrofoam ghost project. Kids place a square of white cloth over a Styrofoam ball. They tie the area under the ball with white string to secure the ghost head. Two black marker dots serve as eyes and a black oval serves as a howling mouth. Kids can use string to tie the ghost to an outdoor post or railing.

    Witch Hat

    • A Styrofoam cone, black felt and paint pens are all you need to create a decorative witch's hat centerpiece for a Halloween party. Secure black felt over the cone with glue and let it dry. Glue the cone on a large circle of black felt to create a witch's hat. Paint pen drawings on the hat can include stars, moons, bats and cat shapes. Additional decorations can include plastic spiders on the brim and faux spider webs on the cone.

    Spooky Spiders

    • Spooky Styrofoam spiders work as decorations for an empty shelf or boring table, as well as hanging decorations for a porch or tree. Paint a medium and a small Styrofoam ball black. Once dry, glue the balls together to create a basic spider body and stick four black chenille stems in each side of the medium ball as legs. Red beads, buttons or paint can form two eyes on the spider head and white triangles can serve as fangs. Place the spider on a flat surface or tie a piece of fishing line around the body for hanging.

    Silly Pumpkins

    • Craft pumpkins with silly faces are easier and safer for kids to create than carved jack-o-lanterns. Kids paint a large Styrofoam ball orange and slide a small stick in the top to create the pumpkin base. Once the pumpkin is dry, children can use assorted craft supplies to create a silly face. For example, two googly eyes, a red circle nose, a pink foam mouth and yellow yarn hair results in a pumpkin with a clownish face.

    Bat Silhouettes

    • Add simple decorations to your garage door or side of the house with the help of Styrofoam sheets. Sketch several simple bat shapes over the sheet. Cut out the shapes and paint each one black. Use double-sided tape to secure the black bats across the garage door or outer wall.

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