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How to Treat Cedar Paneling

    • 1). Combine brushing with a small, hard-bristled brush, washing with warm water and a sponge and sanding with 50- to 60-grit sandpaper to prepare the surface of cedar paneling for painting, staining or protective treating.

    • 2). Sand the wood vigorously with coarser sandpaper if there is a previous coat of paint or varnish that you want to remove before treating. Wipe away the dust and debris with a cloth once sanding is completed.

    • 3). Choose a paint that is appropriate for the treating process. Alkyd oil-based primers can be absorbed readily by cedar paneling and will protect the wood from indoor environmental factors and outdoor weather conditions.

    • 4). Apply stain for a hard-wearing, yet attractive, finish to the cedar paneling. Apply a deep-penetrating stain to keep the dark wood looking new and fresh. Always use an oil-based stain for cedar siding, decks and outdoor furniture.

    • 5). Brush tung oil onto the cedar once a year. This keeps the wood's vibrancy and depth of color and will prevent fading from weather conditions; this is particularly advisable for outdoor cedar wood installations.

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