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How to Use a NOx Control

    • 1). Turn off the ignition and locate the car’s Data Link Connector. This is a 16-pin plug that an OBD scanner plugs into, and is generally located under the car’s steering wheel.

    • 2). Connect the OBD scanner to the Data Link Connector. Switch on the ignition. Turn on the OBD scanner.

    • 3). Press the “Read” button on the scanner. (Some scanners will have a “Scan” button instead.) Wait for the troubleshooting codes to appear on the scanner's display.

    • 4). Look up the troubleshooting code in the scanner’s manual to see if the NOx sensor is faulty. If the sensor is faulty, you must have it replaced to pass an emissions test.

    • 5). Unplug the scanner from the car and turn off the ignition.

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