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Cutting a Circle of Glass - No It"s Not Impossible, It"s Actually Easy!

Have you ever pondered the issue of how to cut a perfect circle in a piece of glass? No, well perhaps your not into crafts or stained glass.
To many people knew to working with glass the idea of cutting a glass circle can seem like a very specialist process.
Do you not need a complex and expensive cutting machine, or a diamond bladed device? Well no, in fact you can buy a very simple tool which will allow anyone to quickly be able to cut circles of glass and it is not a complex device.
A basic glass circle cutter be purchased for less than $50.
In fact when you see it, it will remind you of a compass used to draw circles with a pencil.
It works on the same principle.
Instead of a pencil however there is a special metal-cutting or scoring wheel.
The centre pivot has a rubber foot to stick to where the centre of the circle will go, you then simply rotate the device sweeping it around this centre point, as it goes the wheel scores a perfectly circular line.
It may take 1 or 2 goes but learning to use a glass circle cutter really is not too hard.
With this scored circle you just need to make a few access scores up to the perimeter of the circle, using a standard hand held glass cutter.
These lines will then be broken by tapping the glass very carefully.
In this way the circle of glass will become released and should just pop out in one piece.
Hey Presto! It really only takes a couple of attempts to get the knack, then you can produce e circles for all of your crafting and glass work projects whether that be stained glass mosaic or traditional stained glass work.

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