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What If Your Girlfriend Wants To Take A Break?

Did your girlfriend hint at the idea of taking a break for a little while? Has she gone even further and instead of hinted at it, demanded that the two of you take a break from each other? Are you wondering what that might possibly mean? If so, then you definitely want to keep reading all the way to the bottom. There is usually a good reason for why a woman might want to take a break from the guy she is dating, and sometimes it is not as bad as it might seem for the moment.

Women have given out the line about needing to take a break for ages. There is a good chance that your father heard it before and so did his father. It's nothing really new. However, when it happens to you it can easily seem brand new and not in a good way. More like in a way that you wish you did not have to experience at all.

Here are a few reasons why your girlfriend might want to take a break:

1) She is wrapped up in thinking about her future career wise and wants to focus on that for a while.

This may be the reason why she says that she needs to take a break. For some people, their career and getting ahead is the first priority that they have and if a relationship seems to be interfering with their advancing of their career, then the relationship needs to take a back seat in their mind. Never fear, this is a situation that does not need to spell the end of your hopes and dreams. It may be just a temporary phase, one that you can work through.

2) She is feeling too much passion in the relationship and does not know how to handle it.

If a woman feels as though there is too much passion or that things are moving too fast and she needs to be able to step back and get a breath of fresh air, so to speak, then this may be why she says that she needs to take a break. Again, this is a situation that does not mean that it has to be over for good.

3) She has lost her attraction to you and wants to date other men.

This is the situation that you really don't want to have to deal with. Many times the reason why a woman says that she wants tot take a break is because she just does not feel like she did when she first met you and she wants to see what she feels like with other men. This is a situation that you need to worry about, because it really can mean the end of you and her for good.

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