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Are You Looking For a Large Penis?

For a lot of men the thought of being able to enlarge one's penis without having to undergo surgery seems to good to be true that they feel all natural penis enlargement methods are a big scam.
It is no secret that most men dream of having a large penis but why do we men get so obsessed at the thought of being a proud owner of a thick and long penis? Well for starters most men tend to believe that a larger penis shows the signs and symbol of being an alpha male.
So many cultures have traditions that tend to favor men with thick and long penises as being real men while those with small penises are regarded as being less of a man.
With this it only sensible to conclude that men would always feel the need to increase their penis size.
Also most men tend to know instinctively that women prefer large penises to small ones.
The sight of an erect thick and long penis for women is just enough to get their vaginas wet without any foreplay.
With this though in mind men usually feel that having a thick and long penis means they automatically become a stud in bed.
One question that we should ask is on what scale do men judge their penis size? For most men it based purely on sight.
For most men if their penis looks small then it is small.
For some men they judge their penile size on the average penis size that they must have seen in the result of a penis survey.
In case you were wondering what the average length of a man's fully erect penis is, according to surveys carried out the average length is usually between five inches to six inches.
Even though so many are within these ranges they still feel that their penis size is small.
Most men usually have these feelings of not being big enough when they are with an experienced lover (because they feel she must have been with different men who have larger penis than themselves).
Of course like I mentioned previously men tend to prefer a large penis to a small or an average penis basically because they feels that a thick and long penis would give more satisfaction to their lovers during sexual intercourse.
Asides these feelings men with small penises usually have low self-esteem, little or no sexual confidence, unsatisfied sex partner(s), overall incompetence with women and unsatisfying relationships.
But let's be truthful, women love large penises.
This is a fact we men just have to accept.
Penis size matters a lot to women.
A powerful, thick and long penis is visually stimulating to all women.
In 2005 a leading herbal penis enlargement pill company revealed that 80% of its female subjects responded that penile size matters a great deal when it comes to sexual intercourse.
And as we all know a man's penile size affects his sexual confidence and any size below what he perceive as being large enough tends o make him feel insecure both in and out of the bedroom.
Maybe one reason a large number of men have woken up to the inadequacy is because of pornography, which was made very popular by the Internet.
Pornographic movies tend to favor highly endowed men.
Men with 9 inches penis having sex in front of the camera seems to be what so many men compare their penis size to.
These categories of men are not easy to come by that's why these directors pay them huge sums of monies for what they do on camera.
Asides all these reasons I can think of, most men desire having a large penis just like they desire big cars, big houses and big toys.
Of course no man wants to be just average we all aspire to be more than the average.
I am sure that you are one of those men that wish for a large penis, so I bring you Good news! There are safe methods of penis enlargement available on the Internet today that can guarantee you an increase in your penis size.
A combination of herbal penis enlargement pills and penis exercises is the safest and surest method of giving you that thick and long penis between your legs that you had always dreamed of.
Why be average when you can more than the average guy!

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