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The Nature of Alopecia Areata

In every one hundred persons in the United Kingdom, one is usually affected by erratic hair loss on the scalp and body of women.
  This hair loss is called Alopecia Areata (AA).
Alopecia Areata is the state of hair loss that may cause the speedy inception of round areas of baldness.
  One-fifth of the people who develop Alopecia Areata usually have a family history.
  The condition is very unpredictable with hair loss occurring slowly over many years.
   Alopecia Areata usually affects younger women and children.
  This condition has unknown causes, although in some cases, it happens because of the body's auto-immune response to form white cells and the hair follicles on the areas where the hair is commonly produced are attacked.
  A distinguishable polished area of the scalp that feels silky smooth commonly becomes noticeable.
  And the hairs that surround the bald areas are thin and break off easily.
  These may be extremely fine and the entire shaft of hair would resemble an exclamation mark.
This condition is diagnosed by a General Practitioner or a Dermatologist by closely examining the scalp though a biopsy.
  It usually takes only a plug of hair that is less than a quarter inch to have it examined under a microscope.
With treatments and hair replacements, some cases of Alopecia Areata may improve over time.
  Hair replacements may be done for partial hair loss depending on the amount of loss being encountered.
  There are hair replacements that are suitable for less severe cases of Alopecia Areata and thinning of hair and there are also different treatments available to cover larger patches of baldness.
Just contact your General Practitioner or Dermatologist for consultation.

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