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National Parks of Morocco

Morocco is a perfect tourist destination for wildlife and nature lovers. Along with being popular for its mountains, beaches and deserts, Morocco also has a great number of national parks. These national parks are a home to a number of animals and plant life that are unique to Morocco. Since many years the government of Morocco has been putting in a lot of efforts to enrich its area with the flora and fauna and as a result of which it has established fourteen national parks till now. The national parks of Morocco offer protection to the wildlife of Morocco and also attract a lot of tourists throughout the year. Here is a list of some of the popular national parks of Morocco:

  • The Souss Massa: This national park lies 40 kilometers south of Agadir and extends along the banks of River Massa. The Souss Massa is known as one of the most important habitats for birdlife in Morocco. The park was established with the purpose to preserve Bald lbis (an endangered species of birds) but it also provides residence to other birds also like kingfisher, Elonard's falcon, curlew and more. Bird enthusiasts can visit this park during the months of February to April and September to March.

  • Tazekka National Park: This national park is located in the middle Atlas mountain range near the city of Taza. The park was created with the purpose of providing the habitat to the grove of cedar trees in the Jbel Tazekka area. But now the park has been extended and it encompasses the forests of cork oak, caves, canyons, rural landscapes, cascades and a mountain - Jbel Tazekka. This park also includes the tourist facilities like tourist circuits, picnic areas and an ecological museum.

  • Oued Massa Nature Reserve: Oued Massa Nature Reserve is located few kilometers away from Aqadir and provides a great opportunity for the bird-watchers to watch both the migrating as well as endangered species of birds. Waders, Godwit, Snipe, Little Crake, Nightingale, Zitting Cisticola are some of the birds that are found here. If you are visiting this nature reserve to look for a particular species of birds then it is advisable to check the migratory schedule of that bird and book your tickets accordingly.

  • Oasis Du Sud Marocain Biosphere Reserve: This biosphere reserve is situated in the east of Morocco and its main purpose is to raise awareness about proper usage of water. This biosphere reserve is also used to conduct research into the various ecosystems present here. Tourists can enjoy the beauty of lakes, palm oases, sand dunes, acacia forests, desert steppes etc within the boundary of this biosphere reserve. Cyperaceae, Quercus rotundifolia, Fredolia aretioides are some of the plants found here. This biosphere reserve also features a historical place called Ksar of Ait-Ben-Haddou.

By visiting the national parks of Morocco you can discover the astonishing diversity that the nature has bestowed upon Morocco. You can log on to for a reliable wildlife Morocco tour.

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