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Missouri Child Relocation Laws


    • According to Missouri child custody laws, you must provide the non-custodial parent of your child at least 60 days notice of your intent to move, provided the move is for more than 90 days. The law dictates that you must provide this information by certified mail.

    Required Information

    • In the written communication to the non-custodial parent, you must provide your new address, including street, city and state, as well as your new home phone number, as soon as you learn it. You must also include the reason you are relocating. Last, you must propose a new visitation/parenting schedule as part of this document.


    • The overriding principle in Missouri, as well as in all other states, is the best interest of the child. According to Missouri law, if the court hearing the case determines that there is evidence of prior violent behavior against the custodial parent and/or the child, the court may waive your responsibility to inform the non-custodial parent of your move.


    • The non-custodial parent may file a motion to prevent the removal of his child from his child's current home. According to the Missouri Revised Statutes Section 452: 377, a parent must file this motion within 30 days of receiving notice of the move. In an affidavit, the parent must state his reasons for filing the motion.


    • Should you choose to break the law by not giving proper notice, the State of Missouri has several penalties it can levy against you. According to the Revised Statutes, the court trying your case can change the prior custody arrangement that was in your favor. It can also order your child back to Missouri. Also, you may find yourself held in contempt of court, which could mean jail time. Moreover, the state may order you to pay attorney fees.

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