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Brief Introduction of Maruti Eeco

Maruti Eeco is the ultimate car of 2010, introduced from the Maruti cars in India.
If you watch the design, this is the really an upgrade to the Maruti Versa Minivan range, with some design change and exterior rebuild.
This however is slightly larger one than the simple Versa minivans that were introduced by Maruti earlier about 33mm.
With five or seven seat choice, Eeco has the latest engine technology with five speed manual transmission.
With this 1200cc engine you can easily have the optimum efficiency and speed quite easily.
During the second quarter of 2011, the new model of Maruti Eeco is expected to be launched as well.
In marketing terms, the Maruti is the car taking place in the micro vans these are slightly larger than the minivans.
The Eeco has stylish interior and best part of this is the metallic colors that make this look extremely posh as compare to the basic colors which used to be the standard of the Maruti Versa.
The main buying segment of this car is the slightly larger families or the business users.
This is the perfect car for the holiday, visit to the family home or business meeting with two or three executives.
The future plans of Maruti Eeco include replacing all the other mini brands including the Versa, Mini, and Omni as well.
Maruti Eeco is marketed as the Maruti Eeco 250PX.
This was the New Year gift for the Indian market and was released in January 2010.
This van has wheel base of 2350mm, and is 3675mm long.
The height of this is 1800mm and width of 908mm.
With total weight of 908kg in standard version, you can include the new parts to make lit bit heavier as well.
While the customized parts and better interior often makes it useless to include anything which might not match to the overall look perfectly, there is however some custom jobs you can ask for specially to improve your Eeco too.
The Ritz can be purchased in the three standard packages, including the first five seats basic.
The second has the basic five seats with air conditioning.
The third of this is slightly expensive with the price of seven seats and this one has the Air conditioning as well.
There are some really great features that make this one unique including the Diagonal gear rather than the standard right straight one normally being used.

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