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How to Pick Up Women - Being Direct By Being a Little Bit Indirect

It seems like there are generally 2 schools of thought on the topic of picking up women. One school says that you need to be totally direct, who cares if you are dropping obvious pick up lines all over the place. The other school says that you need to be very indirect, almost to the point of acting like you are just trying to be friends with a woman and that's your golden ticket. Me, I kind of like a combination of the two and I want to explain WHY that is.

First, let me explain some "issues" that have with two seemingly opposing schools of thought, though. I think that will make things a little bit more clear.

The problem with being too direct is that it actually ends up turning off a LOT of women. Good looking women, women with careers, women with senses of humor, etc. Some will respond to that approach for sure, that can't be denied. But, with the direct approach - you usually have to accept that a lot of women are not going to like it and you are going to have to approach dating and meeting women strictly like a numbers game. So, that is really where I have the problem, because it really isn't that effective UNLESS you are the kind of guy who is going to approach massive amounts of women.

The problem with the indirect approach is that way too often, that approach leads to the friend zone. Plenty of guys have found that with the indirect approach, they can get a phone number, they can hang out with a woman after meeting her, but they ultimately get treated like a friend. By the time they actually DO try to be a little more direct, it's too late - they are categorized as being in the friend zone and it takes either a miracle or skills that they just don't have to get out of there.

So - let's take a look at what I mean by being direct by being indirect.

Let's say you approach a woman. Instead of acting like you just want to be friends with her, be a LITTLE bit more direct. Without the pick up line. So, you might say - Hey, you look like you are having a good time here tonight. My name is ________. You here with friends or what? And then you segue into a more flirtatious conversation for a little bit and then pull back a little.

Each time that you get a little more direct with what you are saying... you want to pull back and be a little more indirect. This way, she kind of gets the impression that you might be trying to pick her up, but at the same time - she's not quite sure if that is what you are really doing. This causes a little bit of an emotional roller coaster for her, a little confusion, and a little bit of sexual tension... all at the same time.

You are a little more likely to pick up more women than you would with just the direct approach, which tends to scare off like 75% of the women out there at clubs and bars. However, because you keep getting a little more direct each time... you are less likely to get put into the friend zone right away like what happens with most guys who just rely on being indirect and in the process get a lot of female friends but no girlfriends and no action.

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