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How to Buy a Bike Light

  • 1). Determine your needs. For the occasional short errand, a small, simple light may be sufficient. For off-road riding at night or night commuting in heavy traffic, you should purchase a high-quality light.

  • 2). Determine your price range. Lights can range in price from $10 to $300. You should be able to find a decent light with a rechargeable battery for about $50.

  • 3). Consider bulbs. The best lights have halogen bulbs that will illuminate the roadway. Some even come with dual beams (high and low beams.)

  • 4). Consider batteries. Many lights take AA or AAA batteries. Others have large, rechargeable batteries with long runtimes.

  • 5). Consider a helmet-mounted light for off-road riding. These lights are great when used in addition to a handlebar-mounted light, as they allow you to see around turns.

  • 6). Purchase a rear-mounted red flasher, in addition to your front-mounted light. These are quite inexpensive and very effective - they let cars approaching from the rear see you.

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