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Saving The Planet One Peel At A Time

Oranges are one of my favorite things to eat for breakfast. Did you ever wonder though, like I did, what can I do with these orange peels that would be more eco-friendly for the earth instead of just throwing them in the trash? There are a lot of great uses for an orange peel that you may not have thought of.

Did you know you can use orange peels to clean your fingernails? Yeah, just turn over the peel where you'll find the soft white side and just dig your fingernails into it. It's a great way to clean out any dirt and grime and also add a nice citrusy smell.

Have you ever heard of a stock box? Well now you have and it's a great way to make vegetable broth with your orange peels. Just get a plastic bin and add any fruit or vegetable left overs, like your orange peels, to it and put it in the freezer. After your bin is full, add the contents to a soup pot covering it with water and boil it down You now have a great vegetable stock for soup or anything else like pilaf.

I have a coworker who loves to go camping so she would probably find this next orange peel idea very useful. You can use fresh orange peels to help you start a fire. Orange peels are loaded with highly flammable oil that will help you start your camp fire and make your campsite smell nice too!

If you have cats, like I do, you can use orange peels to keep them out of areas you don't want them to roam. They're not fans of the citric acid and oils in the peel so they'll shy away from them. Just leave them in areas you don't want your cats to go.

If you love the smell of citrus, you can dry out the peels to make sachets for yourself or as a nice gift. You can even use shreds of dried out orange peels in soap for a gentle abrasive as well as giving your soap a nice citrusy scent.

Overall, don't forget you can just throw your orange peels in a compost box. Definitely a great way to "green" your lifestyle. There are so many great ways to use an orange peel that you no longer need to just throw them in the trash. Remember, "reduce, reuse, recycle"!

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