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Keeping Your Child"s Eyes Healthy

By the time you finish this little article, you will have a new understanding on how to keep your child's eyes healthy.
You will also get a surprise at the end, but don't peek, please! A lot of parents are really concerned about their children's eyes, and they should be.
Our eyes are very important.
They really help us experience the beauty of life.
Can you imagine the heartache of your child losing their eyesight or becoming myopic? There is hope.
Recently, I have discovered two new articles that shed some light on vision problems.
Here is the first...
This one is called, "A Vision of Chiropractic: A Study of Chiropractic Spinal Manipulative Therapy on Improvement of Visual Field.
" This article was published in the Journal of Chiropractic Education, Spring 2008 by Jung HanSuk, D.
, et.
It is brand new stuff.
Here is the gist of it.
They measured the visual fields of 103 subjects.
They adjusted 83 of the subject's necks (44 females and 39 males) and gave the other 30 a friction massage as a control group.
In case you were wondering, according to the MedlinePlus Medical Dictionary, "The visual field is the total area in which objects can be seen in the peripheral vision while the eye is focused on a central point.
" Now the results.
The control group had no significant change in their visual fields.
An improvement of visual field was found in 78% of all adjusted subjects.
Wow!78% had improvements.
The next article of interest is a news report by Katie Wiedemann of KCRG-TV Channel 9 entitled, "Blind Man Finds Trip to Chiropractor Insightful.
" Here is what happened...
"Doug Harkey, a Dubuque, Iowa man whose left eye suddenly stopped working 12 years ago, thought he was making a routine visit to his chiropractor.
But, the results of his 'normal' adjustment left Doug with new-found vision while leaving friends, family and some in the medical community speechless.
" The point of looking at these 2 articles is to help you to see that there is a relationship between your cervical spine (your neck) and your eyes.
Why is this so important to understand? In a study done by Dr.
Gutmann, a German Manual Medicine Specialist, he reported on his evaluation of 1000 infants.
What he discovered will shock you.
He found that "approximately 80% of all children are not in autonomic balance.
"In other words, all children have neck subluxations similar to those in the studies above.
Subluxation is like this.
The next time you are in a conversation, take your hands and cover your ears.
Your ability to hear the conversation is diminished.
However, you can still hear.
This is kind of what a subluxation does to your nerve system, the communication system of your body.
Removing your hands from your ears is like a chiropractic adjustment to your nerve system.
Clarity is restored.
Why are 80% of all children subluxated? Subluxation is caused by stress, whether it be physical, chemical and/or psychological.
Let's look at each...
Physical Stress - The birth process is filled with physical stress even in the best-case scenario.
When you add extraction techniques commonly used in hospitals to the mix, you increase the chances of damage to the neck.
(An important aside here -- If your child experienced respiratory distress following birth, they definitely had a neck injury.
The respiratory centers of your body are in your neck.
) Chemical Stress -- The placenta does an awesome job at keeping your baby safe from chemical stress, or at least it used to.
In 2004, a study was done to test for chemicals in the umbilical cord.
"Of the more than 400 chemicals tested for, 287 were detected in umbilical cord blood.
Of these, 180 cause cancer in humans or animals, 217 are toxic to the brain or nervous system, and 208 cause birth defects or abnormal development in animals.
" Emotional Stress -- Childbirth used to be seen as a natural, beautiful experience.
Now, we have been convinced that it is a scary, risky procedure that should be handled by a medical doctor.
With the knowledge of these different stresses causing subluxations, you now understand why Dr.
Gutmann found that 80% of kids have it.
Here is the surprise.
Subluxation does not just potentially interfere with vision.
Subluxation can also affect all sorts of systems.
According to Dr.
Gutmann, a chiropractic spinal check-up "...
should be obligatory after every difficult birth.
" He noted that out of a random group of 1,250 babies examined 5 days after birth, 211 suffered from vomiting, hyperactivity and sleeplessness -- spinal abnormalities were found in 95% of this group.
Gutman and colleagues found that an unhealthy spine causes "many clinical features from central motor impairment to lower resistance to infections-especially ear, nose and throat infections.
" So, what should you do?Make an appointment with a chiropractor and get your kids checked for subluxation.

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