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"Chase Away the Government" -Viktor Orban"s Speech At The Fidesz Rally

'The people have the right to chase away the government' Viktor Orbán, leader of the main opposition party FIDESZ, said on the 15th of March at his party's rally at around 5pm.
Orbán often spoke about the people, or folk and referred to them as the 'new majority' who are disappointed in the government and who are behind him and his party.
This new majority has to defeat the Gyurcsány government, or in his words, the 'new aristocracy'.
The leader of FIDESZ said that his coalition is that of the winners and not the losers as the government wants everyone to believe [the government never said this -ed.
The people have already won two battles: the battle of the municipal elections in the fall and that of the referendum [that case is in the courts and nothing has been decided about FIDESZ's referendum proposals yet-ed.
] Orbán explained that the referendums are needed because in their election campaign the government (comprised of the Social-Democratic MSZP and the liberal SZDSZ) lied to the people and didn't talk about introducing any reforms and restrictions.
Thus, if the reforms are turned down by the people then they can dismiss the government.
'Yes, they have that power', repeated Orbán.
'If the government chooses to stay in power regardless of the outcome of these referendums then they can't point to the constitution, nor to democracy.
They have no other choice then but to run,' said the chairman.
Orbán in his speech also referred to the danger of thousands of Asians flooding and settling into the country with the help of the government, which raised tensions at the rally even further.

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