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How to Groom a Hamster

    • 1). Clean the hamster cage out. Your hamster uses the bedding in its cage for eliminating, so changing the bedding once a week is ideal for keeping an odorless and clean environment for the hamster. Throw away the old bedding, wipe the inside of the cage out with a damp cloth and add the new bedding back in.

    • 2). Brush your hamster only if you have a long-haired hamster. Long-haired hamsters will get shavings, food and other materials stuck in their fur, and it might be a challenge for them to get it out themselves. As such, help your hamster groom itself by taking a small brush and brushing the fur. If you have a short-haired hamster, brushing is not necessary for grooming.

    • 3). Add a dish of sand to the inside of the hamster cage. Hamsters naturally produce oils in their fur, and with a dish of sand your hamster will roll around in it to reduce the oiliness. Sand will keep your hamster from getting greasy.

    • 4). Stop bathing or shampooing your hamster. It is unnecessary to do so, unless something spilled onto your hamster. If you need to wash something out of your hamster's fur, make the process as gentle as possible. Dampen a cloth and try to remove the material from your hamster's fur by rubbing it easily. Never put your hamster underneath the facet in your sink or bathtub.

    • 5). Avoid clipping or trimming your hamster's nails. Your hamster takes care of nail-grooming itself.

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