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Difference Between DIN & Federal ID Number

    Business Identification

    • A Federal ID Number, sometime called the Employer Identification Number (EIN), is given to a business entity as an identifying marker for federal agencies in the United States (see Resources).

    Goods and Services

    • All businesses offering products and services to the public that could be taxed must have a Federal ID Number for identification purposes.

    State Taxes

    • States that tax personal services require individuals to get a Federal ID Number. Individuals who collect sales tax also need this important number.

    Business in India

    • The Director Identification Number (DIN) applies to anyone who directs or plans to become a director of Indian companies, whether they are citizens or not (see Resources).

    Application Process

    • Individuals who plan to become directors can complete the application online but must submit information, such as passports and utility bills, that proves residency in the country.

    Non-Indian Companies

    • Directors of foreign companies that have branches in India do not need to obtain DIN Numbers for their business ventures.

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