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5 Amazing Facts About Argan Oil

5 amazing facts that you should know about Argan oil are that it is obtained from the seeds of the rare Argan tree, it has numerous health and beautifying effects, the manual procedure of producing Argan oil is laborious, mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently, and Argan oil provides Berber women a sustainable means of livelihood.

One product that is quickly taking off in the beauty and health industry is Argan oil. Argan oil benefits are very plentiful, so much in fact, that many call this naturally occurring substance a miracle. These amazing facts about Argan oil will help you to appreciate how marvelous it is:

It comes from the seeds of the highly sought-after Argan tree

Argan oil is extracted from the Argan tree which is endemic to Morocco. Because of heavy exploitation, Argan trees have dwindled to less than 50% over the last century. The trees are now featured in the World Heritage list because they are an endangered species. There are several suppliers that work with Moroccan cooperatives to preserve Argan trees and insure that the oils are extracted in a way that is safe for the environment.

It has numerous health and beautifying effects

Known for its rich concentration of oleic acid, Argan oil is highly effective in controlling cholesterol. Since this organic oil contains monounsaturated fats, it helps reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels. Along with its dietary advantages for health, it is a beauty ingredient as well. Vitamin E, a potent antioxidant which is well known for combating the aging process, is found abundantly in Argan oil.

Extracting Argan oil by hand is a labor-intensive process

Local Berber women have perfected the tradition of manual production of Argan oil and is noted for its being a laborious and a long process. Remove the nuts from the fruits to begin with. After cracking the nuts. which is a tedious and time consuming job, the kernels are then collected. The collected kernels are subsequently roasted using mild heat. A dough is formed by cooling and grinding them and then mixing them with water. The meticulous procedure of making Argan oil plus its various benefits make it an expensive product in the end.

Mechanical presses are now used to produce the oil more efficiently

Contemporary manufacturing methods incorporate presses to extract Argan oil. Argan oil can be extracted efficiently with these techniques. Following the kernel roasting, they are ground up and undergo extraction by the mechanical press. Because water is no longer mixed with the oil, it can be kept in storage much longer. Cracking nuts of the Argan is still done by hand and used to make Argan oil.

Berber women can earn a living selling Argan oil

Though Argan oil offers a lot personal benefits yet consumers of this product will be glad to know the social benefits it gives to the women who produce it. Argan oil gives Berber women a sustainable livelihood and an opportunity of earning fair wages in a country where equal rights are not yet fully established. Making sure that oil products produced by Agran oil and it's production techniques are sustainable, these Berber women are responsible for forming a co-op.

With all its advantages, Argan oil is a great part of any health and beauty routine.

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