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3 Things to Remember While Registering Domains

If you own a small business and wish to have a web presence or you are looking to setup an online business from scratch, you need to go through the domain registering process.
But what if you do not have a business and still wish to make money online? Yes, it's possible.
All you need is to register your domain name and have a website and you're ready to step into the world of affiliate marketing by selling someone else's products.
Whether you are setting up a business website or a website to make money online through affiliate marketing, information products or any other internet business model, there are a few crucial steps you should follow.
  Nowadays, registering a domain name has become quite simple.
However, there are three things that you should keep in mind.
Choosing a Name for Domain Registering:
Choose a relevant domain name.
For instance, URLs like petsmart.
com, gardenguide.
com or etoys.
com tell you instantly what the business is about.
Opt for short names that are easy to remember.
You could go to sites like cheapdomainsfromscratch.
com to select a domain name.
  If you are getting your domain based on your company name, this will obviously make it easy for you to setup personalised company emails etc.
  But, even if you a well established business, chances are not may people will be searching for your company name in Google or Yahoo.
  They may be searching for keywords like "outdoor fitness", so register a domain like "outdoorfitness.
com" for example, will make it far more recognisable.
  This makes it easy for people to see that your website may meet their needs.
  Keep in mind, that you can always point a domain like this to a specific page on your company website, if you don't want multiple websites.
 Registering a Domain Name:
There are many sites, like cheapdomainsfromscratch.
com, that offer very cheap domain registering services.
This makes it very easy to register domains that are specific to your product or service offering.
  Registering a locally based website URL, like .
au or ,co.
ca could work well for you if you are a locally based business, but preferably, having a .
com website will be the best option.
  If you are selling information products or anything that has a global audience, then certainly a .
com domain will be best.
  Look out for the specials that are offered as part of domain purchasing, because you could also get a great deal on hosting your website.
Make your Domain Registering Search Friendly:
Ensure that you register your domain name for at least three years, as this will add credibility to your website.
The longer the duration, the more search engine friendly your website is.
The longest period for domain registration is ten years.
Getting registered with a reputed registrar will add to the trustworthiness of your website.
Making sure that you use keywords relating to your business market or your online niche audience will also help with natural search rankings.
  From the example above, if you are targeting outdoor fitness training, do some keyword research using Google's keyword tool.
  Find the top ranking keywords in your niche and try to build website URL combinations that use these keywords.
  Submit these combinations into a domain search, like the one of cheapdomainsfromscratch.
  For example, outdoorfitness.
com, outdoorfitnesstraining.
com, outdoorfittraining.
com, until you find one that is not already registered.
  Once you have brought your domain name, you want to set it up to point to a set hosting, that you may already have, or you can point it to an affiliate link.
  Either way, if you are not sure what to do next, the support staff at the domain registrar will be able to help you point the new domain to the correct location.

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