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When You Start a Tropical Freshwater Fish Aquarium, You Don"t Have to Like Fish But it Helps

Yes I know, strange title isn't it.
You don't have to like fish? But it's an aquarium for heaven's sake.
Hold on just one second, fish are not the one single factor here when you start a tropical freshwater fish aquarium.
This is about the aquarium as a whole not as a fish.
When you rent a house as a student, the house comes with other students whom you may or may not like.
They are not the main attraction of that house are they although they come with it.
You may be attracted to a particular room or the garden or even the bathroom.
Well after starting a freshwater fish aquarium you'll find it's pretty similar in that it certainly is not just the fish which are the main attraction.
What about the foundational substrate used, the wonderful plants, the weird and strange decorations and even the lighting? These all help towards making a visually stunning aquarium tank which can often be the envy of all the neigbours and that's the point here.
It's the aquarium as a whole which folk are noticing.
Yes, the fish as well undoubtedly, but people notice the whole set up in all it's glory, if of course you've set it up correctly in the first place.
Don't like fish that much? Not a problem, they are only a part of your visual feast.
There ain't nothing like a well constructed and maintained aquarium.
So go on folks, if you're starting a freshwater fish aquarium then research everything first so you don't make unnecessary mistakes then build up that magnificent aquarium with all it's splendour.
Then the envy of the neighbours you will most certainly be.

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