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Love, Dating And Relationship - Got Accountability?

One of the qualities of being love savvy is Being Accountable.
Accountable is defined in the Webster dictionary as "Responsible; Liable".
Well, as smart, savvy women, we know that being accountable is a desired, attractive, respected, and necessary quality in life, right? No one likes someone who passes the buck.
It really is so boring and under-impressive, isn't it?We are attracted to someone who is conscious, and acknowledges and owns it.
"I've got it.
" "That is my job.
" "I'm sorry I'm late.
" It makes us feel taken care of, whether it's with your guy, your colleague, or a first date.
We LOVE it when men keep themselves accountable to us.
"I'll call you" - and they do.
They know that we truly feel desired when they do what they say they'll do, and call.
"I'll pick you up at 6pm" - and they do.
They are on time, with a plan (and a compliment, and flowers...
"That's my job" - to kill the bug, carry the bag, stay at home with the baby - whatever you need/want him to do/he owns as his job/and/or the two of you have arranged.
So why do we, savvy ladies, often forget about the Being Accountable piece when it comes to OURSELVES and this topic of love? Why do we fail to step back and look at love from the perspective of:How am I showing up to my own 'date' with myself: my heart's desires?Am I putting my best foot forward - dressing the part, bringing flowers, showing appreciation, and being respectful?Or am I sending myself a cryptic text message with excuses, running late, and balking at the bill? Am I consciously moving towards what I want, or am I passing the buck?We all know how easy it is to make excuses in life.
I made many excuses in love, for a myriad of reasons, although they could all be bottom-lined to Fear.
And not to fool you or myself, I still fall victim to my excuses.
It's part of the human experience.
It takes a leap of faith and courage to move towards our dreams - to tread in unchartered waters.
I met this sweet, aspiring and very aware young woman recently who wants to work with me to get clearer within herself about what she wants and get support as she moves towards it.
She told me that she's so tired of the same old things the same way.
"I date all the weirdos!" she said with a laugh.
I shared with her something that I had once heard from the spiritual author and leader Marianne Williamson, that I thought was so spot-on and helps illustrate this accountability piece when it comes to dating and love.
Marianne said, "The problem isn't that you attract these guys (the 'bad' ones, whichever 'bad' they are)...
the problem is that you gave them your number!" Amen, savvy sisters.
We should truly delight in all that we attract.
Ramping up our vibrations and shining our light and beauty out into the world is not a negative - we should revel in it - it's very powerful.
The buck stops with us, however.
The accountability lives within us as to what we do with what we attract, and in turn what we create in our lives.
We first need to get clear and connect to our heart's desires.
How we then claim them and manifest is by behaving in ways that honor and reflect our truth.
Sometimes we don't get a sense that the 'bad' ones are just that, until we have given out our number - or are several dates in - and beyond.
And that's OK.
We are always right where we are suppose to be, even with love, in order to learn what we need to learn for our continued growth and evolution.
Just remember that Being Accountable moves you towards your heart's desires: you are the only person who can be accountable to making your dreams your reality.

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