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Tips on Moving In To a Studio Flat

    Measure Your Space

    • Studio apartments are typically several hundred square feet. Measure both the space and each piece of furniture you plan to bring with you prior to moving in. Begin by measuring the length and width of each piece of furniture. Next, take your list of measurements to your new and still empty apartment and map out where each piece can go. You might find that certain pieces of furniture will not fit into your new space or, if they do fit, they might take up too much room. It is better to know what won't fit prior to moving day. Don't forget to measure doorways and staircases to your apartment as well. A king size bed might fit in your apartment, but not up the stairs.

    Double Duty

    • The more use you can get out of each piece of furniture in a studio apartment the better. Your dresser, for example, can also serve as the stand for your stereo, DVD player or television. Use your kitchen table as a desk and the space underneath your coffee table as extra storage. The more creative you get with how you use your furniture, the fewer pieces you try to fit into your limited square footage.


    • Perhaps the number one concern in studio apartments is storage. You might be lucky enough to have one closet, but likely not more than one. Your kitchen will have limited cabinet space. Since your living room, kitchen and bedroom must all share one open space, you need to keep clutter to a minimum by providing yourself with creative storage options such as racks in the kitchen to hang pots and pans, and decorative bins that fit on a bookcase shelf or under a coffee table. Utilize the space under your bed and couch as well. Plastic storage bins fit nicely underneath larger pieces of furniture.

    Starting Off Right

    • Living in a studio apartment requires a certain amount of discipline to keep your space neat and tidy. Once you move in and have addressed your storage needs, establish daily cleaning routines that keep your apartment free of clutter. Don't allow mail or work papers to stack up on counters or tables. Make your bed each morning in case guests drop by unexpectedly. Keep the kitchen picked up on a daily basis. You will enjoy your space more if you can easily move around, find your things and feel comfortable having friends and family visit.

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