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How do I Draw a Webkinz Cheeky Character?


    • 1). Draw an oval in the upper center portion of the page to design the dog's head. Create an oval of any size as long as there is enough room left on the paper for additions further on.

    • 2). Find the lowest point on the bottom of the oval to have a starting point for the top portion of a second oval. Draw the second oval, which will create the body of your dog, equally as wide as the first and twice the size in length.

    • 3). Extend your pencil from the middle of the first oval to slightly below the second oval to create a third oval the same width as the others. This oval will be where the nose and mouth will be placed on your Webkinz dog.

    • 4). Draw a medium circle on the outside lower left-hand side of the large oval, having the medium circle's lowest point even with the large ovals. Repeat for the opposite side, creating two back legs for your dog.

    • 5). Compose a smaller circle, one on each side, that slightly overlaps a back leg and equally extends into the lower center of the large oval. Repeat for opposite side to create two front legs.

    • 6). Creating a long, thin "S" shape to connect the mouth of the dog to the outermost side of the front leg. Repeat for both sides.

    • 7). Draw a long "C" shape from the center innermost part of the body oval in an upwards curved direction. The "C" shape will form front arms. Repeat for both sides.

    • 8). Sketch a pair of ears by creating two narrow "C" shapes, one on each side, from the top of the first oval where the curve begins to the lower side of each end on the mouth oval.

    • 9). Trace your pencil where the face oval and the mouth oval meet in the center. Create two eyes, placing two circles close together on that line. Draw respective eye brows atop the eyes by sketching a short curved line above each.

    • 10

      Form directly below the two eyes, in the mouth oval, a round nose, touching the top of the mouth oval, and extending down 1/3 the length of the respective oval.

    • 11

      Guide your pencil directly down the center of the nose to form a short vertical line once the nose ends. Complete the mouth of the dog by adding a "C" shape horizontally below the vertical line, meeting in the center. Attach two small backwards "C" shapes to each side of the smile.

    • 12

      Erase all lines on your Cheeky dog that you no longer need.

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