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EFFEXOR XR - The Antidepressant Drugs

Depression is a dangerous disease that has affected millions of people. The most common symptoms of depression is constantly feeling sad. Depression must be treated as early as possible in a proper way to keep that away. To get free of symptoms of this serious disease number of medication available. The medical treatment of depression makes you virtually feeling happy so that you can get back to a work that is enjoyed once. The treatment should be of more than 2 3 months to get relief from the symptoms. The planned treatment of proper medication is necessary As, it is recurrent disease. The chances of recurrence is more than 60% who have been treated by the anti depression drugs. The most of physician indicates EFFEXOR XR in episode of the depression treatment for adults. Antidepressants going through the therapy of the drug are observed closely by their family members for the unusual behaviour. People suffering from thins disease are having the increasing risk of suicide.

If you are the one who are suggested to get the EFFEXOR XR for the serious anxiety disorder, the safety information given here is for you only. The most important thing to remember before taking EFFEXOR XR is ensure the the capability As, It is not approved medicine for children and teenagers. The patients are observed for the effects after taking this drug. Their close one should watch the physical and metal condition for the signs of being suicidal also. If patients are taking the dose first time they should observed for having agitation, irritation, aggression, impulsion, or restless. You should report medical professional for this kind of disease. It is advisable to inform your doctor if you are taking other treatments of headache, herbal or nutritional supplements. The person, suffering from blood pressure should avoid this medicine because EFFEXOR XR increase the chances of raising blood pressure. if you are injured or bleeding and taking several anti - inflammatory drugs,  EFFEXOR XR  may affect coaguation process.

Many people have reported Mydriasis while taking EFFEXOR XR in which the dilation of the pupil with your eye may occur. EFFEXOR XR is not preferable if you are suffering from glaucoma and the persons with increased eye pressure. The proper care is also needed when you are going to discontinue the drug. You may also have the symptoms if you suddenly stop using the EFFEXOR XR. you should ask you doctor for the time of discontinuing the treatment. For pregnant lady, It is most important to consult a doctor before going through this medication. The careful activities such as driving must be avoided until you getting the effects of EFFEXOR XR. Drinking alcohol is most dangerous while taking this therapy. People may get the disorders such as insomnia, appetite, sleepiness etc. The sexual disorder is most common side effects one can have. Tracking your symptoms should be as fast as possible to be well treated by your consultant.  

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