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PSP / PlayStation Portable Firmware Version 5.5

Release Date:

5.50: April 21, 2009
5.51: June 11, 2009
5.55: September, 2009

New Additions to Version 5.5:
  • you can now have a second level of subfolders within PHOTO, MUSIC and VIDEO folders

Game Features New to Version 5.50:
  • game options menus now contain "Internet Search," which will perform an internet search on the name of the game

Network Features New to Version 5.50:
  • "Trend Micro for PSP" is now an option in the internet browser (this is a web filtering service for which fees may apply)

    PlayStation Network Features New to Version 5.50:
    • you can now access the PlayStation Store without a PlayStation Network account
    • a "Sign In Automatically (Auto Sign-In)" option is now available on the PlayStation Store sign-in screen
    • "Download All" is now an option when making multiple purchases from the PlayStation Store
    • less space is now required on the memory stick when downloading games

    New in Version 5.51:
    • improved system stability during use of some features

    New in Version 5.55:
    • security update

    (Source: Sony Computer Entertainment)

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