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Breakfast Restaurants in Italy

    • If you are planning a trip to Italy, you will undoubtedly be looking to plan some of your meals ahead of time. Thousands of restaurants throughout Italy serve breakfast or brunch to start your day. You can find examples in favorite destinations like Milan, Rome and Tuscany.

    Berlin Cafe - Milan

    • Styled in the fashion of a German bar, this cafe in Milan is known for its impressive Sunday brunch buffet. And while the look of the restaurant may be inspired by German design, the brunch menu is sure to please American tourists who are feeling a little homesick. The menu changes daily based on what is available seasonally.

      In addition to an American-inspired brunch menu, the Berlin Cafe also features a variety of paninis and piadines with fun names like the "Hello Spank," "Tiger Man" and the "Candy Candy." The atmosphere is young, vibrant, and modern, and the diverse wine menu reflects that energy.

    Giardino dell'Uliveto - Rome

    • Situated within L'Hotel Cavalieri Hilton in Rome, Giardino dell'Uliveto offers a more relaxed dining atmosphere compared to the other restaurants in the hotel. Giardino dell'Uliveto was one of the first restaurants in Rome to start offering a Sunday brunch menu. The restaurant also offers breakfast seven days a week. It has no to-go menu, and diners should be advised that the restaurant is not handicap accessible.

    Il Colombaio - Tuscany (Siena)

    • Il Colombaio is in Tuscany, in the municipality of Casole D'Elsa, which is part of Siena. Situated within a magnificent villa, the restaurant has made a name for itself in the last few years with the addition of renowned chef Vincenzo Di Grande (who is often gracious enough to conduct cooking classes for guests). Breakfast ranges between 7 and 12 euros as of 2010, and features traditional Italian pastries, as well as food tailored for foreign guests looking for a taste of home. The restaurant features a self-proclaimed "rustically refined" atmosphere, where the service is relaxed and the cuisine is presented in an elegant fashion.

    Caffè della Pace - Rome

    • There has been a small restaurant cafe at the site of the Caffè della Pace since at least the 1700s. And while the cafe has changed hands many times since then, today it is owned and operated by the Serafini family, who have run the business since about 1970. A common gathering spot for local artists, don't be surprised if a heated discussion about the arts erupts at the table next to you. The cafe serves breakfast and Sunday brunch, which you can enjoy on the terrace or in the luxuriously appointed rooms within.

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