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How to Uninstall iTunes With Vista

    • 1). Close iTunes.

    • 2). Click the Windows "Start" button and select "Control Panel." Depending on your Start menu configuration, the "Control Panel" item may be located in the "Settings" folder.

    • 3). Click "Uninstall a program." If you use Vista's Classic View folder mode, double click the icon labeled "Programs and Features" instead.

    • 4). Find iTunes in the list of installed programs, then right click its name and select "Uninstall."

    • 5). Click "Yes" when prompted to confirm your choice.

    • 6). Choose not to restart your computer when prompted to do so after the uninstallation process completes.

    • 7). Return to the "Programs" screen you opened in Step 3. Remove any additional iTunes and iPod Updater applications by right clicking their names, selecting "Uninstall" and following the onscreen prompts.

    • 8). Restart your computer.

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